Organization, Philosophy, and Objective 琉球國祭り太鼓 旭川支部

  • Name: Ryukyu Budan Shoryu Matsuri Daiko Asahikawa Branch
  • Location: 4jodori,7choume,4.7building,Asahikawa,Hokkaidou
  • TEL:0166-29-0310
  • Group Leader: Shouta Shinohara
  • Activities: With a motto “introducing the attraction of Okinawa and a contemporary eisa to many people”, we participate in various Okinawa related events, summer festivals, lectures, and promotion events of Okinawa trips to appeal the attraction of Okinawa.

We are an amateur group with the spirit of professionals, with our hearts full of gratitude, driven by the following norms and principles.

Three norms
  • Understand and embrace the Okinawan spirit with gratitude
  • Improve the performing skills through the training of body and mind
  • Respect the traditional arts while also learn other performing arts
Five principles
    Embrace a spirit of harmony
  • Value manners and courtesy
  • Improve the quality of performances
  • Know that anything is possible through continuous effort
  • Cultivate an indomitable spirit

In order to spread the unique culture of Okinawa and Ryukyu arts we perform not only at Okinawa-related events, but also at various events across the country.

As most of our members are working people or students we endeavor to make the most of our limited practice time.

We devote ourselves to give the best performance possible, one that would impress the audience with our skill, energy, and passion.

Through our performance we sincerely hope you can enjoy a “taste of Okinawa “, and we strive to that end.

Logo Mark
Hyajaigumun Shoryu (counterclockwise spinning ascending dragon)
琉球舞団 昇龍祭太鼓

Hyajaigumun is the symbol of the old prospered Okinawa Kingdom and shows the determination to succeed their traditional cultures and spirits to our time. A dragon was the symbol of a king in old Okinawa (Ryukyu) and its picture to energetically move up to the heaven shows the development and the jump-up of the group.

* The symbol of the Ryukyu Dynasty dragon symbolizes Okinawa’s strength, vigorously rising towards the sky. Special permission was required in order to use it as our group’s emblem.

琉球舞団 昇龍祭太鼓